Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jerusalem Test Footage

This is just some test footage I shot around Jerusalem's Old City. This was a particularly still and slightly rainy day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just when you think you're not pregnant...

Well, God is hilarious. Two days after we sent out the mass email correcting all of your legitimately assumed misconceptions about how many people were in our family, Whit started to feel a bit nauseous... Then, in thinking that it could potentially be something else, we waited a few days to see if it would pass, and it didn't. Sooooo, we then took a pregnancy test, and BOOM!!! Two pink lines. Like this ---> I I

This means that from now on when I go to film an interview with a renown archaeologist or linguist, I will be simultaneously trying to quiet the screaming child in my backpack and run the camera. And Whit of course will have her first Hebrew and Greek student attending classes a little earlier than planned :) So, what I am saying is that we are planning on staying here in Israel and raising our little Lunkie here in the Holy Land (for as long as we are here, of course). And there is a good chance "So-and-so" (as Whit and I have been so fondly referring to our little fetus) will be born in the legendary town of Bethlehem because there happens to be a United States supplied and funded maternity hospital there about 500 yards from where Jesus was born... Pretty sweet...

According to Dr. Saba Abu Farha of the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem, Whit's about 7 and a half weeks pregnant and she's due on September 30th. Also, for those of you wondering, our child will be a United States citizen only.

So, all that said -- Wow! This is crazy! We will keep you all posted as things progress. Thank you for all your love and support!

Nathan, Whitney, and So-and-so (the little olive on the ultrasound)